Team in Goa

Operations and Finance

Shammi [37, Kolkata], an alumni from BITS and NYU stepped into the creative world after working in finance, hardware design, NGOs and organizing music and arts festivals. 

Partnerships & Inclusive Development

Steph [35, Austria], ensures we run sustainably and develops collaborations. She draws from her experience working at United Nations and GIZ as policy advisor and project manager.

HR | Children Dev & Pedagogy

Lavanya, [39, Kolkata], keeps our bunch in line and works on the curation and management of children-specific activities and content. Her experience with primary schools across India is instrumental.

Tech Art & Performances

Ivan, [37, Spain], a man of multiple talent from art to technology, dance to food. His charisma brings together artists for cohesive collaborations to engage and create presence for audience on which the Sensistan thrives. 

3D and Motion Design

Surfaraz, [40, Pune], works on our 3D design and content creation. A maker, fabricator, assembler at heart, he builds and prints props, sculptures and installation models designed to blow your hearts and minds.

Aesthetics and Lighting

David [67, Goa],an established photographer and space designer focusing on bringing Indian mythology together with contemporary arts, David brings Sensistan's space to life by designing a world of wonder and joy.

Marketing and Communication

Anil  [Kerala], with more than 20 years working as strategy head working for leading leading global agencies, a guest faculty as NYU Sterm, leads the business & communications team to reach out to Sensistan’s potential business and public audience and excite and captivate them.

Sound Director

Martin [37, Mumbai],  a professional sound designer for fashion runways and percussion expert organizes events across India, creates soundscapes for performances &installations  to please your hearing senses.

Procurement Manager

Wilbur  [36, Goa], an animator and video editor by training with Konkani skills is our go-to person for procuring to do our job here in Goa. His personal interests in waste management and ecology keeps Sensistan environmentally sustainable.

Story Design

Moneysha [37, Mumbai], is a storyteller of the installations and the artists. She takes the visitors, audience and the curious eyes through the interactive labyrinth at sensistan. Join her and unfold the pieces of your curiosity and excitement.

Furniture & Space Design

Mush [28, Mumbai], an architect and natural builder previously part of group : Thannal now works independently and uses local and sustainable materials to create hand sculpted spaces. Sensistan homes her new found passion in up-cycled furniture.

User Experience Design

Praveen [35, Hyderabad], an ex-Yahoo Sr Interaction Designer runs independent consulting from Goa for start-ups in customer digital experiences geared towards philanthropy, art and crowd-sourcing at Sensistan helps with Installations user experience for maximum engagement with audience.

Visiting Artists





Artists - calls for collaboration

  • Open  - Call for space and interior design 2 months residency (read  more here)

  • Coming soon  - Call for immersive performance and theater production 2 month residency (read more here)

  • Closed – Call for installation proposals  (read more here). We do consider proposals throughout the year 

Mentors and advisers

  • Avik Sakar [Founder Thinkering and Design Studio]
  • Christopher Lindinger [prev. Innovation Director, Ars Electronica Center]
  • Mike Rios [Founder and prev. MD 17Triggers]

Supporters and volunteers

| Christina [Munich]: Business process design | Pim [Hanoi]: Website hosting | Kundan [Delhi]: Company incorporation | Waseem  [Berlin]: Artist outreach Europe | Reetika [DC] : Artist outreach US East Coast | Julia [SF]: Artist outreach US West Coast | Anirudh [Phnom Penh]: Legal advice | Rahul  [Mumbai]: Website design | Roberto [Phnom Penh]: Teaser video | Girishan [Chennai]: Accounting and finance | Shani and Daniel [Tel Aviv]: Intro video | Vishnu [Orissa]: Social media content |

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