Sensistan will open its gates to public in November 2019.

Sensistan provides an interactive and immersive space for the joy of everyone. The whole Sensistan experience depends on you and other visitors, following the saying "life is what you make it"

Drive to Sensistan

Sensistan is very centrally located close to Vagator Beach, one of the main beaches in North Goa and the iconic Chapora Fort. 

It is 5 minutes from 

  • Vagator Beach
  • Chapora Fort
  • Chapora village
  • Goa’s opulent W Hotel

Other distances and directions: 

  • 10 min from Anjuna
  • 25 min from Calangute
  • 35 min from Arambol
  • 45 min from Panjim, Goa’s capital
  • 90 min from the International Airport


Entry to Sensistan will be admission based, ranging from Rs 200-750. We want everybody to come visit us and will ensure inclusive pricing, that caters to most. Access to cafe and community areas are free of charge.

Online ticket pre-orders will be available soon.

Map highlighting Goa

Discover Sensistan through quests

Sensistan follows the concept of non-linear storytelling where you have liberty to pick one of a few quests, which guides you through the space with different lenses or angles to Sensistan. According to your selection, your experience and route through Sensistan changes.

The various quests ask you to find clues as pointer s to a larger objective. The quests are made to fit to different age groups as well as people’s main purpose of coming (e.g. fun or self-discovery).

We hope that these quests contribute to engaging with the space and with others. They should also take away any judgment of adults playing and behaving ‘childish’ since everyone can be on a quest.

  • Quest Fairy Tale: Children are offered a magical story, resembling a fairy tale (e.g. find the magical frog), with some skills development aspects.
  • Quest Mystery: Inspired by the many escape rooms around the world as well as Meow Wolf’s take, you can go on solving a mystery (to break out from the Sensistan world into the real world, to solve a disappearance, etc.) with your friends, a group of visitors or alone.
  • Quest Conciousness: We welcome people who want to expand their horizon and see the world through different lenses. We offer a quest designed around personal development, philosophical and mindfulness concepts and allow you to discover the deeper subtleties of Sensistan and what these pointers can mean to you.
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