Sensistan provides a unique space for inspiration and learning to meet the demand for tech- and experience-based entertainment in India.

This phantasmagorical space in Goa was designed by enthralling artists, architects, engineers and other visionaries from India and around the world. Artistically crafted, it invites visitors to explore, while entertaining all 6 senses in unusual and playful ways.

The space is complemented with DIY and prototyping workshops, labs & talks (STEAM), a niche tech product fair, related events & performances and food tech inspired gastronomy.

Experience interactive, multi-sensory installations

Sensistan offers immersive and interactive experiences that expand people’s senses through combining technology and interactive art.

Explore interactive light installations, immerse yourself in sound-scapes and play digital instruments, touch and play with an abundance of installations, sculptures and games.

Digital playground for all ages

Following the concept of magical realism, Sensistan stars about 15 rooms and a large outdoor space to play, explore, learn and enjoy.

Performances and Taste Hacking

Sensistan collaborates with Indian and global artists and performers and adds visual and other tech-based tricks. Food-tech inspired gastronomy further explores taste experiences and Sensistan hosts a one of a kind Cafe and Bar, full off sensual surprises.

Imagine, you are walking in a creative maze of about 20 immersive rooms that respond to your actions. You can choose among quests to discover the space from different angles or venture in and just have fun. Come, explore.

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