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Experience-based consumerism  is on the rise around the globe

Technology and engineering are of high value and interest.

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Why S - circle 2

Tech-art cultural entertainment has become a global success. In India, it’s in its infancy.

Limited culture and entertainment, mostly malls or cinema. However, 3D | science museums are in demand.

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There are many ways you could partner with us. Sensistan is a people project. Please find our introduction deck for your reference and request our business plan and financials for further details. 


Installation Sponsor

We constantly receive applications all through the year from artists from all over the world. Based on your budgets through CSR, marketing, donations, you can fund full or part of an installation. 

Equipment Partner

If you are a tech company,  you can provide electronic equipment like projectors, LEDs, NUC, sensors etc needed for installation. 

Space Partner

If you are a creative agency, experiential F&B, or other business that fit our vision, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Please refer to many possible reasons and options to collaborate with us and you contact us for more details.


 We have all been through the phase when we don't want to quit our jobs but try something different and exciting on the side. Send us your story & skill-set and we may find a way to fit you in Sensistan's eco-system. 

For volunteering opportunities, subscribe to our facebook contributors community or volunteer newsletter.

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