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Univsersity of Maine


Exhinit or sponsor an installation

We consider your artist applications throughout the year, partially or fully funding an installation. Top-up our budget.

Sponsor hardware equipment

Being a tech company,  you could provide electronic equipment like projectors, LEDs, NUC, sensors etc. needed for installations. 

Collaborate with your product or service

As a creative agency, experiential F&B, or other business that fits our vision, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We have flexible partnership options. Just  contact us for more details.

Share your talent

 We have all been through the phase when we don't want to quit our jobs but try something different and exciting on the side. Send us your story & skill-set and we may find a way to fit you in Sensistan's eco-system. 


Volunteers, join our  contributors community.

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