Sensistan is India‘s first experiential museum

If you are not familiar with, check out the compilation of various installations created by artists around the world. We are grateful to the artists (name on right bottom of each clip) who inspire us with such amazing creative expression and help us create a vision to inspire young and old and to bring a new media art platform to India.

Our mission is to provide a unique space for inspiration and learning to meet the demand for tech- and experience-based entertainment in India.

Our vision is to mainstream tech-art, to expand typical entertainment in India, and to be a catalyst for inspiring talent and to develop this nascent industry.

Our philosophy and values are to be inclusive and accessible for all while being  sustainable and strengthening a circle economy.

Impact-driven social enterprise is fun. can be more than that. It can open our perspectives, facilitate to engage with others, provide stress relief. Sensistan is designed to create impact for individuals and for its ecosystem. Sensistan aims to generate social and societal impact in 4 main areas in India and Goa. 

Sensistan's humanitarian arm: The Cyrcus Collective

The Cyrcus Collective is a not-for-profit organization that stimulates a creative and behavioral skills to provide inspiration and relief to under-privileged children and youth. We prototyped this approach for low-threshold psycho-social support across Asia, in Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, including the Rohingya settlements at the border to Myanmar.

Sensistan builds upon our first engagement in this field, the NGO Cyrcus Collective registered in Austria 2016. Sensistan's business model shall ensure a long-term continuation of this experimental NGO. Find out more about the Cyrcus Collective at

Cyrcus - long row of photos for website

Sensistan uniquely combines proven, inspiring concepts 

Sensistan takes inspiration from many pioneers, cultural spaces and social engagements. We combine aspects of proven concepts and adapt to India to create a unique experience. 

Check out selected, amazing projects and organizations from around the globe so that you get a sense of where we are coming from. It's absolutely worth learning more about them on their websites. 

Creative spaces

Like Meow Wolf, USA, Sensistan is also a permanent art space of multiple, creatively crafted rooms, that lead visitors on a journey guided by non-linear story telling.

Tech-Art Museums

Ars Electronica, Austria showed  that the arts, technology and science can be very well integrated and entertain visitors  while learning.

Tech-Art Agency

Teamlab, Japan pioneered in the field of digital, interactive art. Sensistan aspires to create similarly immersive and stunning experiences through collaboration with Indian and global artists.

Creative spaces

Transformational festivals

Social Organizations

Similar to One Dome, USA, Sensistan creates phantasmagorical scenery and uses tech, including light projections, mixed reality and sensors, for an enhanced visitor experience. 

Taking from Burning Man, USA Sensistan also aims at creating mind-blowing, installations inviting interaction among people in an atmosphere of curiosity. 

Like Clowns without border, USA, Sensistan and its partner NGO Cyrcus Collective encourage creative expression for low-threshold stress relief with the aim of sparking joy and wonder.

Find out about many more inspirational creative works and projects on Sensistan's youtube channel.

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